Continuous Integration: FREE PPTX slides you can use to educate others on CI

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Recently I spent time putting together a set of slides (PPX), which I am releasing in an effort to provide the DevOps community a selling tool for use at work in convincing their organizations to adopt good CI engineering practices. The slides provided here are designed to be open source and can be distributed freely. If you see any errors or ways to make them more clear I would value any feedback.

The idea behind this release is to educate audiences and assist them to identify the advantages of CI over traditional multi-branch development by highlighting how CI can be advantageous over traditional isolated development & big bang merges. More specifically how to identify defects through CI. The slides are provided via a download link below.


20.6.2016 14:01
v.0.9 (alpha)


I welcome any feedback on these and updates can be shared back if you like. If they prove useful in your organization or for your personal learning I would love feedback and to hear how it has helped (or not helped) in your quest for CI. Enjoy


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