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Jonathan M. McAllister

1901 Gentilly Circle
Austin Texas
(512) 999-4524

Resume/CCV: JonathanMcallister-2014


I am driven software development professional with a affinity towards build, release and software configuration management (SCM).  To deliver software through automation I leverage enterprise proven tooling, cutting edge software development methodologies, and automation scripting. I believe the build and release process is the heartbeat of any software development organization.  I also believe that the conversion of software code into a final marketable product represents an important milestone in the software development lifecycle. As an SCM Build/Release architect I strive to implement solutions that utilize well-established tools and practices – tools such as  Jenkins/Hudson, Artifactory, Nexus, Ansible and more. My areas of expertise include software development, scripting automation, continuous integration (CI),  continuous delivery (CD), and continuous deployment (CD). I leverage years of professional experience and rely on my prior SCM leadership skills to market these solutions to organizational stakeholders.


Software Development: C# & .NET Java PHP
Scripting Languages:Perl Ruby MSBuild ANT NANT XML
SCM Infrastructure: Jenkins, Hudson, TeamCity  Nexus Jira Artifactory Ansible
OS’s & Platforms: Windows (+Server 200*) Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu) OSX Solaris
Version Control: SVN ▪ StarTeam ▪ Source Depot ▪ Perforce ▪ GIT
Domain Specialties: Software Configuration Management Release Engineering  Build Pipelines Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration
Software Methodologies: Agile ▪ Lean  Waterfall SOI ITIL SaaS TDD IAC PAAS Six Sigma/TQM


LifeSize a division of Logitech – SCM                                                                                                    Austin, TX

Sr. Software Configuration Management Engineer (CI, CD & Process)                                       September 2013 – Current

  • Introduced, architected and implemented new continuous integration system to replace ALL the existing build and release automation, processes systems across the organization
  • Designed and led company wide initiative of a central build and artifact platforms unify company processes, automation systems and development environments.
  • Architected and implemented automated cross platform scm framework (Windows, OSX, and Linux) in an effort to create a scalable build and release infrastructure that supports continuous builds and good SCM practices
  • Evangelized best SCM, product build and delivery practices across the org
  • Implemented scalable distributed definitive media library infrastructure and created automated artifact replication systems, and automated artifact retention management in an effort to improve reliability and scalability of company software assets
  • Designed, developed and implemented CI project management automation solutions to provide better traceability of resolved software defects as part of a CD promotion pipeline.
  • Performed learning seminars across the company (TechOps meetings, Brown bag learning sessions and SCM presentations) to help increase awareness and understanding of modern SCM principles in software delivery.
  • Reverse engineered software build environment requirements and automated the provisioning of new build environment library requirements to facilitate maintainable build systems going forward.
  • Created structured process for building out sustainable build farm using Ansible, Jenkins and a custom SCM Framework implemented in Ruby


Physicians Interactive / Merck.                                                                                    Libertyville, IL / Bothell, WA

Sr. Software Configuration Management Engineer / Build / Release Engineer                                      May 2012 – Current

  • Architected OOP SCM based build and deployment pipelines using MSBUILD in conjunction with automation tooling (Jenkins, and Artifactory)
  • Architected automated build engines; deployment automation and test harness infrastructure to automatically generate, packages, and integrate test report metrics into the promotion process to ensure software quality.
  • Led offshore teams in understanding automated build & release process which encompassed SCM best practices for versioning software products, generating build packages, and performing releases.
  • Architected environment promotion automation and delivery pipelines for Sampling product set to provide gated software promotions to stakeholders across the organization (DEV->QA->UAT->STG etc.)


The Active Network                                                                                                                           Bothell, WA

Sr. Software Configuration Management Engineer / Release Engineering                                  Mar 2009 – November 2012

  • Architected and implemented scalable push button release solutions (Perl, Ruby, Bash) for multiplatform SaaS product sets. The solutions implemented ensured scalability and stability for processing hundreds of deployments per day.
  • Created scalable repeatable SCM adoption program to facilitate unified build and deployment architecture across 2500 employee distributed enterprise.
  • Architected and led development of SCM dashboard metrics analytics application to provide insight into the SDLC of the organization, cost of defects found in production and provide transparency into the current release load across multi-million dollar financial organization.
  • Mentored and trained junior SCM Engineers & Release coordination personnel on industry best practices, technical implementation, and how to implement maintainable release engineering practices.
  • Led and participated in 24×7 on-call rotation program and performed production rollouts of mission critical SaaS platforms.
  • Architected and implemented SCM process (Promotion based releases) for newly acquired organizations and freshly adopted product teams.


Microsoft Corporation – WLC – Windows Live Mesh                                                                          Redmond, WA

Software Development Engineer II (Build & Release Engineer)                                               September 2008 – Mar 2009

  • Designed and developed and maintained automated build infrastructure, buddy builds, and gauntlet processes for next generation SaaS cloud platform
  • Architected and implemented automated cross platform build processes (Windows & Mac OSX) to synchronize build systems within a 400 person development team
  • Evangelized good SCM, product build and delivery practices across the org
  • Created Software Configuration Management (SCM) best practices roadmap for WLC team (Live Mesh)
  • Managed test harness framework (WLC), pri0 bug triaging etc for continuous build process.
  • Assisted in implementing code coverage metrics using internal Microsoft code coverage platforms (TACO)
  • Led organized efforts for localization and internationalization of WLC platforms. Provided technical implementation assistance via automation using LocBaml for WLC components

iET Solutions LLC – Core Engineering Team                                                                                 Framingham, MA

Software Build Engineer (Build & Release Engineer)                                                       September 2006 – August 2008

  • Implemented Continuous Integration solution for build and MSI package creation via automation
  • Implemented automated deployment solution to deploy WPF client into new VM pool environments
  • Developed automation (Perl) to facilitate build process improvements
  • Created and managed ClickOnce SmartClient installation packaging solution
  • Designed and developed upgraded MSI Installshield enterprise platform packaging system to support modular design initiative.
  • Implemented automated scripting solutions to provided support for QA & Development.


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