Recovering from Failure

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” — Albert Einstein It’s within all of us to epically fail at least once in our lives. For…

Bad Leader

Traits of Bad Leaders

In previous posts I took a look at what makes good leaders. Let’s in turn on this post do the reverse. I’d consider the following graphic fairly accurate.


Why DevOps orgs embrace failure

DevOps transformations require embracing failure Innovative achievements on our planet seem to manifest themselves after copious amounts of failure. Most of us are at least somewhat familiar with history’s comically hilarious…


Agile 101: Effective Sprint planning meetings

Introducing the Sprint Planning Meeting In Agile development organizations most often apply a minimum of three core meeting ceremonies (The Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Stand-ups, and Retrospectives). These ceremonies respectively identify the beginning,…


Docker Up and Running (Part 1)

Docker has taken the DevOps and development world by storm. It represents a lightweight virtualization option coupled with GIT style source control options. When leveraged with micro-services it’s value to…